Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Flower Of The Cosmos Caudatus Or Bunga Ulam Raja

In the pre bloom stage..
Full bloom..
Closeup of the pistil with pollens on it...

Becoming seedlings.
An ordinary herbal plant, locally cultivated around homes for the edible shoots to be eaten with rice. Scientifically known as cosmos caudatus, originating from South America, but locally known here as  the "Ulam Raja". Nevertheless, the plant does provide nice blooms for the garden too.

The shots here were taken in different stages of the flower's growth. Personally, I think each stages are unique and worth photographing. All the shots here were tripod mounted... 

Equipments: Canon SX10 is, Raynox DCR 250 Macro Conversion Lens, Tripod
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  1. Really love this series of images... excellent work


  2. Another set of awesome photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. the name is quit amusing cause in my country Ulam means food pair of rice.

    nice pics home to see more of it. i do lone the full bloom, it could be because of the angle on how you took the pic or maybe it's really just so pretty at it most during that stage.

  4. cantik gambo dan menghiburkan. mekasih tn syed nanti leh datang lelama skit

  5. hi alfandi, the flower of the ulam raja is so pretty especially in the first photo. that's like a perfect shot. it's taken at such a beautiful angle and depth that i didn't recognise its ulam raja.

  6. You always impress me with your incredible photos!! These are exceptional!